The Power of DIVCONTM, Our Dividend Health Rating System

DIVCON is a dividend health rating system created by Reality Shares, Inc. which assesses the likelihood that companies will grow or cut their dividends. Like the U.S. Armed Forces’ DEFCON system, DIVCON uses a five-tier rating system to provide a snapshot of companies’ dividend health, where DIVCON 5 indicates the highest probability for a dividend increase and DIVCON 1 the highest probability for a dividend cut. Companies’ ratings are based on a weighted average of seven factors which measure the relationship between historic dividend trends, cash flow and earnings, buybacks, as well as consensus forecasts and external financial ratings.


Click the button below to view a searchable, sortable tables with DIVCON ratings and other dividend information for all dividend payers among the 1200 largest U.S. companies

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* Indicated dividend yield excluding special dividends. ** No DIVCON Score available (not a dividend payer). Comm.: Communication Services. Disc.: Consumer Discretionary. Fin.: Financials. Ind.: Industrials. IT: Information Technology. Mat.: Materials. Stap.: Consumer Staples. Util.: Utilities.


Tracking the trend in DIVCON ratings over time can provide additional insight into the dividend health trajectory for a company, sector or market. The chart below shows the average DIVCON ratings for the S&P 500 and for the 10 market sectors from 2002 through 2018. The colors depict the average DIVCON rating, and the numerical score is revealed by moving your cursor over each box. Clicking on a specific year on the top heatmap will reveal the sector breakdown for that year. The bottom heatmap can be further refined by clicking on a specific sector, revealing each individual company within that sector Comparing this data with the Guard market strength indicator can provide further insight into the overall health of the market. The data is updated annually.

Source: Compustat, Reality Shares Research